Get Tuned To Nature

Imagine unwinding in a rocking chair after a long day, listening to the tickling tunes of jungle stream.
Or welcome your guests with the magical calmness of a deep rain forest at your doorstep!!
It’s worth an experience to listen to these little “unsophisticated” and “crude-looking” bamboo wind chimes.
Yes, it is unique. Made from the bamboos grown deep inside the forests of God’s own Kerala, it is one of a kind bamboo acoustic with predefined sound themes.

The Man

Rajiv V K, probably the only one in the face of earth who makes this magic creation from the valleys of Meenuliyan Hills of Western Ghats in Idukki. Fascinated by the natural bamboo acoustics right from his childhood,Rajiv trod a path of his own in manufacturing such unique bamboo wind-chimes. Even though he was trained to be an engineer,he got married to the nature, his first love; and her expressions.

The Making

The main challenge Rajiv encountered in perfecting a wind-chime was the cracking of the bamboo stems.The bamboos have a natural tendency to get cracked at the nodes. To overcome this, He cuts the nodes in a specific angle and seals it with a special resin. Later he attaches two thin steel wire-clips into the stem below it and suspends it to the hood with a strong cotton thread.
Every wind chime will have at least six such sound stems of various sizes hanging from a hood. The hood can be of either coconut shell or wood,based on the size and sound theme of the wind-chime.

The Tuning

Rajiv occasionally gets lost of himself in tuning a single sound stem to reach a perfect sound note.
Tuning can be tiresome as the size of the wind chime decreases.It’s amazing to know that the entire fine-tuning is done by a small chisel-like tool.
As it is the most integral part of his work, he prefers to do it in perfect silence of his home in the valley.